Best Ski-Doo Trail Helmet

By Ski – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

The Modular 3 helmet is, hands – down, numero uno on my list! As fair as trail helmets go, and multi – capable ones, at that, I enjoy this one….. and who better to make it and sell it off than Ski – Doo! Thank you, Ski – Doo! I hope to keep buying and buying and buying from you!!!!

Now, then, there are a list of things that I would like to point out, addressing many elephants in the room, too, so to speak. Now read on. Let’s see how much I can share on this insightful page…..

First of all, you want that full – faced helmet sort of look, to show off to your friends ( and yes, to look like a real – life version of the Mandalorian, in the sense that you can cover your whole face and never take off that helmet to anyone when you are out riding, he he he heh…. superb feeling, by the way ) ? Then this would be the trail helmet you need to send your check to…. pay up. Ski – Doo accepts different forms of payment! I bet you are pulling out your wallet right now, just as I said that, but hold up…. we have more to speak on….

The sun visor that comes included on it can be adjusted so easily, in fact, with just your index finger or pinky and the touch of a button. It is one – press adjusted, too, making it more simple and smooth than ever before….. yes, Ski – Doo is taking us to new places, with these new features and helmet types, it seems. You also get Clear Vision Technology behind the whole thing, all of which has helped you to be able to see more visibly and not get blinded by light, even, from through the helmet. Put it over your head, and you will notice your line of sight is still as bright and sharp as ever, and like I said, even if you look straight at sun – light or get flashed by light from somewhere, it won’t be sharp or radiant as if you had not been wearing any helmet at all to begin with, you know what I mean? This protects your vision, much like a good pair of sun – glasses from Ray Ban could, in a sense.

This helmet can be bought in multiple colors or even customized to a color that you like. I personally like to keep it simple, in plain black. It looks more serious, to me, anyways. It weighs about 5 lbs, so all in all, not terribly weighty. Put it in your hand and hold it in a single palm…. it’s not that bad, right? I’ve held heavier helmets. And did even mention that the visor can prevent fogging on the inside, not to mention too much humidity, from getting in there? Well, it can and does! Need I say any more?