Yamaha VX

Do you want to buy an excellent PWC at an affordable range? Check out the features, pros, and cons of the Yamaha VX now.

Water riding is delightful for all. However, imagine a scenario where you combine speed, strength, and speed increase. Indeed, it would be great.

But well, if you think that the combination is incomprehensible, allow me to acquaint you with Yamaha VX. This particular Jet ski can be a blessing from heaven for you. The very cool design, solid engine, and speed are something worth taking a glance at. The dashing soul and the stunning advancements do upgrade your experience.

I can bet you wish to get one, right? Be ready to check the features.

Yamaha VX: An overview

The Yamaha VX is one of the finest jet skis in the market. It has superior quality features for making your ride excellent. But as the rule of the word goes, every product has its own flaws. And prior to getting a hand on one, make sure you take a closer look at all the details. So in this section goes for a detailed discussion on the features, pros, and cons of this specific jet ski.


The Yamaha jet skis are acclaimed for their robust engines and their smooth performance. And the Yamaha VX is no exception. Well, this jet ski comes with a 1049 cc three-cylinder TR-1 engine. Also, the engine comes with HO technology. HO here stands for Higher Output. And this engine has done justice to its features aptly—the company promises 10% more robust performance from it. And as a result of this HO technology, you are welcome to enjoy fantastic acceleration and top-notch speed from this Watercraft.

###RIDE system:

Did you know his component of the Yamaha VX has been praised all over the globe? Most of the Yamaha vehicles come with this fantastic feature. And likewise, this specific PWC incorporates the same.

The RIDE system stands for Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics system. This component engages the rider to control the PWC even more. The excellent control and stability over the Watercraft have been brought to the riders by the reformist RiDE® technology.

And believe me, dealing with this structure is genuinely simple! It has changed the control to another level. You just need to pull the switch on the left side to pace down or reverse. Additionally, on the right-hand side, pull the lever to accelerate. Isn’t that incredible?

Hull and Deck:

The impressive Hull and deck structure of the Yamaha VX is the following element on our rundown. The Hull of the VX model has been planned carefully to be lightweight yet unbending. Also, we should say, it has done equity to each trademark. The high-performance hull shape has been creatively added for increased stability and unbelievable rigidity on board. The lightweight material of the Hull and the deck have made the PWC even more agile and fun to ride on.


This specific Pwc of Yamaha has been praised and appreciated for its remarkable storage capacity. It has introduced one of the most user-friendly and large enough storage areas in the market. The enormous storage area under the seat is worth appreciating. You are allowed to take a few things with you on board while you have the storage. Even the jet ski has a large glove box to fit in some cold drinks and snacks.

Wait, the list is not over yet. The Watercraft comes equipped with a water-tight storage box mostly used to carry electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras. So if you are worried about getting wet or damaging electronic devices, this is the prime choice you should get your hand on.

LCD panel:

The mind-boggling multifunctional LCD board is perhaps the most advertised feature of the Yamaha VX cockpit. This part can not be expected at this much moderate cost. Most other Personal Watercraft of the market have introduced this determination at a significantly higher price tag.

However, with Yamaha VX, you are allowed to utilize the LCD board for the speedometer, tachometer, and the hour run close by as far as possible. Even volt, fuel level Indicator for a shift, oil pressure warning, fuel level warning, engine overheat warning all can be controlled and monitored by the LCD panel.

Tow hook:

Who doesn’t fascinate tow sports? I am sure everybody does. Remembering that, this specific jet ski producer has presented a solid tow hook connected to the PWC. With this, you are permitted to connect the tow rope and enjoy water sports.

Reboarding step:

This is a minor feature. But probably the most useful of all. The Yamaha VX model comes equipped with a reboarding step that makes riding the jet ski easier, especially after swimming. Now, another intelligent feature of the reboarding step is it tucks away if not in use. Isn’t that convenient?




How fast is a Yamaha VX?

To Sum up, in simple words, the Yamaha VX can go as fast as 53.1 mph at 800 rpm. For a recreational fun ride, the speed is worth getting a hand on.

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha VX deluxe?

The VX deluxe model of Yamaha has offered a 125 hp engine. And to be honest, the engine is worth relying upon. You are welcome to enjoy a smooth ride if you buy one.

Does Yamaha VX have a reverse?

Yes, the Vx model has a reverse system in it. Riders are allowed to practice their hands at the ride system of the jet ski that can engage the PWC in reverse, forward and neutral mode. This feature has increased the stability and control of the jet ski even more.

Final thoughts:

We have covered all the features, pros, and cons of the Yamaha Vx model. Indeed the jet ski is claimed to be one of the best models to get a hand on. And looking at the intense features at this much moderate price tag, people might negotiate with the minor flaws of the PWC. So you can allow yourself to enjoy the spirit of the Yamaha VX. Give it a shot and see the magic. Good luck.