Yamaha FX HO

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Can you use the word ‘perfection’ with a personal watercraft model? Well, if you think this is impossible, you’ve lost the game! Let me introduce you to the Yamaha FX HO, perfection in itself. In addition to its super cool color combination, it is also known for its incredible features. Starting from its looks to its features, this particular model has not left anything to be desired. In short, it is sheer bliss to ride and experience its super-smooth performance. Are you ready to discover more about the beast? Let’s go!

Yamaha FX HO: An overview

The Yamaha FX HO, ever since its first launch in the market, has gathered a considerable number of fans. Riders across the globe have appreciated it for every single aspect. However, some cons are also there, like with all other products. You should know about all its features, pros, and cons before getting one for yourself. Hence, in this section, I will review the Yamaha FX HO for a better understanding.


The jet skis of the FX series of Yamaha have been appreciated because of their robust engine. The FX HO comes equipped with an 1812 cc four-stroke four-cylinder engine. This engine is the most robust of the vehicles of this series. With the 155 mm high-pressure jet pump, the engine provides the largest water displacement among all other wave runners of this category. Additionally, the vehicle has got the High Output technology or the HO technology. This feature has been added to most premium quality Yamaha models, allowing the rider to enjoy the most polished outcome with minimal effort. Hence you may consider praising the engine.


The vehicle, for the convenience of riders, has incorporated sleek handlebars with rope hooks. The sleek handlebars are easy to access, and the rope hook has been intentionally added for the increased convenience.

RIDE throttle system:

Like most other supreme Yamaha models, this one also incorporates the RIDE throttle system by which the ride is more stable and comfortable than ever! It allows the rider to enable neutral, reverse, and acceleration modes for adjusting with the condition on board. And handling all of this is super easy. Just pull the levers on the right and left handlebar to make use of the system.

Multi mount system:

This is an element that is presumably the most expected one. The makers have added the multi-mount framework to the jet ski for a smooth ride. With this framework, you can get various features like integrated Wireless Bluetooth® Speakers, GPS Fish Finder, etc. Essentially, the makers have remembered the amusement factor and have acquainted this unbelievable component with the market.

5” Connext Infotainment System:

This feature is one of the most valuable features of the vehicle. It comes equipped with a 5 inches high vibrancy glass touchpad that can control the whole vehicle. It included an audio control system, GPS connectivity, and many more. Besides, the system can be connected to your smartphone and can provide you information regarding the map and location. Isn’t that great?


The Fx wave runners are massive in terms of storage. This one also comes with giant storage of 166 liters. The storage area of the front hood and the same underneath the seat are large enough to fit in your essential items. One minor yet significant problem that most riders have is being wet or maybe harming their electronic gadget. And to solve the problem, the FX HO has introduced a watertight glove box. Not only the box, but it provides you a 12 V USB charging port with LED lighting. Isn’t that incredible?

Premium audio system:

The Yamaha FX HO has fused an impressive component. It has a premium audio system. The makers have recollected the entertainment factor as a primary concern, And exactly thus, first-class quality Bluetooth sound framework is there for you to have a wonderful ride. Furthermore, it sounds so great that you can not help but be amazed immediately. You can see the quality of sound from the twin, 4½ inch waterproof marine speakers.

Moreover, you get a fused 2 Chanel intensifier and a control knob. Additionally, for more control, the makers have added a low-voltage regulator as well. To guarantee the most adored jams are reliably playing.




How fast is the Yamaha FX HO?

The Yamaha FX HO is one of the most innovative wave runners of the FX series. Probably this one comes with the most polished features of all. With its 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.8 Litre High Output Yamaha Marine Engine, this PWC can go as fast as 62.6 mph.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha FX HO have?

The Yamaha FX HO comes to us with a 180 HP engine.

How much horsepower does a Jet Ski need to pull a tube?

If you are seeking tubing jet skis, you must consider a minimum of 120 HP engines. Because any fewer dimensions can get you in trouble while sporting.

Final words:

The Yamaha FX HO is possibly the most stunning model designed by the makers. Aside from its incredible speed and remarkable smooth execution, it gives design headway and excellent parts unquestionably for a first-rate rider’s experience. Since the time of the introduction of this company, the Yamaha team has been dispatching superb models. Furthermore, by a long shot, they have accumulated crores of fans. Regardless, they never compromise with the vehicle’s quality. So the standard reveals everything.

However, a few people are aware that the non-supercharged engine may be viewed as a burden. By and by, considering all other astonishing features, this little con is, to be sure, negotiable.

What are you waiting for? Snatch it now and experience a great riding experience with it.