Sodi RT8

Need a new benchmark go kart that’s going to take you to the limit ( and past it, too, he he he he heh ) ?well, friend, then I might just have the thing for ya this time around. Ready to hear my suggestion? The Sodikart RT8 ( SODI RT8, for slangers, he he heh ) is the one for you, perhaps. Want to know why? Sure you do … just keep reading, because I have a lot to say, and you have a lot to hear. So let us get to it, then ….

Now first of all, I would like you all to just know the plain and simple fact that they do call this one the very “first go kart of the leisure industry” ( no joke …. just copy and paste those exact words into a search engine, like maybe Google, and see how many results pop up based on that phrase …. people all over have apparently referred to this go kart making such a statement, he he he he heh ) . That alone says a whole heck of a lot about it, more than anything, telling someone who reads such a statement that the go kart is not plain or simple … it kicks.

As such, it is the very first to feature such an integral body – work unlike any other model in the past. Those who have driven this 1 – seater can tell you, on that note, that the sensation of comfort, mixed with a feeling of true safety, they get when they drive it, is truly something else entirely. It is unmatched and unparalleled, to say the least. The ultra – modern design is one you can’t miss, either …. you notice it the very first second your eyes gaze on the go kart. It reels in your eyes ( no joke …. I could not stop staring for at least a few seconds when I first saw it on the Web, he he he heh …. and eye – candy is everything for me ) right away with its elegant inter – weaving of red and green colors against a nice, whitish / blackish form of backdrop. The colors are crisp and sharp, too, like the brand – new box cover of a classic Super Mario 64 ( or heck, Mario Kart 64, he he he he heh ) video – game itself. The logos and twirling of colors and brightness, and overall visual appeal, are certainly not missing at all …. they are there and very present!

The makers of this go kart hold almost 40 years of experience in industrial R&D. As such, you can count on the best craftsmanship and quality. That’s a promise. You will also like the 2 – D ( yup, 2 …. not 1 …. D ) adjustable pedals here. They’re easy to use, well in design, and all in all, great in durability. Adjust them by height from the floor, leg space, distance from your seat, and more.