Sea-Doo GTR

What is the one name that amalgamates style, force, and speed like an ace? If you are by chance thinking about the Sea-doo GTR, congrats! You hit the nail on the head.

The supercool Sea-doo GTR has made tow sports so magnificent. Not only for its splendid and splashy color combination, but the Sea-doo GTR has also got such astonishing highlights that it is worth each penny. Tow sports and riding are more pleasant and easier than any other time in history.

In any case, prior to bouncing on your jet ski, it is smarter to look at all the particulars of it so you can understand its credibility when all is said and done.

We should know the stunning highlights it has to bring to the table.

Sea-Doo GTR: An Overview

The all-new GTR model comes with many amazing specifications that can give you a fantastic experience on board. But, it is always better to look at every corner of detail before buying one.

Here, in this section, I am going to talk about the features, pros, and cons of the Sea-doo GTR.


The Sea-doo GTR jet ski comes equipped with a 1630 cc ROTAX engine. Like most other Sea-doo models, this one is also a 4-stroke 3-cylinder engine. The 230 smile-inducing horsepower engine is indeed robust and provides a great fuel economy. Also, the impressive torque of the engine is worth appreciating.

Intelligent brake and reverse

Intelligent brake and reverse or the IBR system are introduced to the market by the manufacturers due to the safety of the riders and the passenger. And the Sea-doo GTR model also showcases this feature quite fruitfully. With the IBR system, you will be able to stop the vehicle sooner. Also, the easy access to the handlebar allows you to enable forward, neutral, and reverse mode for a safe and secure slow ride.

Closed-loop cooling system

The closed-loop cooling system of the GTR model is similar to most other sea doo models. The closed-loop cooling system prevents the engine from being affected by saltwater. And also, it prevents the jet ski from the problems regarding debris.

Sports mode

The Sea-doo GTR model allows you to enable sports mode for enjoying the ultimate racing spirit. This is probably the most responsive mode that gives you the top exhibition from your watercraft.

Watertight Phone Compartment

The manufacturers of the Sea-doo watercraft have introduced a useful feature of the phone compartment in the jet ski. Likewise, this specific model also comes with a watertight phone compartment that can comfortably carry your phone, camera, and other devices. Since this is a watertight compartment, you can keep the phone and all other devices dry and intact.

Larger Front Storage

The Sea-doo GTR has introduced us to the industry’s largest front storage ever. The jet ski comes with 40.2 gallons of capacity that allows you to store plenty of gear.

Redesigned hull

The Sea-doo GTR model comes with the very popular ST3 hull. Moreover, it is now redesigned. The broad redesigned hull now helps the jet ski to be more stable and steady. Also, thanks to the lower center of gravity let the jet ski be perfect for every situation. For a power stuffed performance, the hull provides incredible support.

Large swim platform

The jet ski is equipped with a large swim platform. You can even increase the space by removing the rear seat. The swim platform is now flatter and more comfortable than ever. You can comfortably enjoy lounging and prep[ing for tow sports.

Ski pylon and LinQ system

The LinQ system, included in every SEA-DOO model, permits fixing the seat for allowing extra space in the jet ski. Moreover, to upgrade the position of rope while tow brandishing ski comes furnished with a ski Pylon. It makes the rope fix on a higher position for a superior encounter.

BPR audio system

Do you think I am kidding? This stunning feature of this jet ski may, in a real sense, make your jaw drop! The producers have presented a completely waterproof Bluetooth audio system to make your ride much intriguing. With the external playback controls, this item gives you extreme fun while riding. Simply ensure you pick ideal tunes on the deck. I am sure you will love to have a musical ride.




Is GTR 230 supercharged?

Most of the Sea-doo models come equipped with superchargers. Likewise, the Sea-doo GTR also comes with a supercharger. However, people have claimed that the supercharger might require extra maintenance.

How fast is a 90 horsepower jet ski?

On an average calculation, a jet ski that has a 90hp engine will reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. Honestly, this is just an average speed for a jet ski. However, depending upon the engine, 50 mph maximum pace is more than enough.

How many hours will a Sea-Doo last?

Generally, all manufacturers make their jet skis last for ten years. And it is expected to run for 30 hours per annum. So, technically that is equivalent to 300 hours.

Final thoughts

The Sea-doo jet skis have gathered a considerable number of fan followers across the globe. Since this is a reputable company, the products they make are worth relying upon. And as per the Sea-doo GTR is concerned, it is beyond complimenting. All the features, the design, and the color combination of this particular model have stolen crores of hearts.

However, people have said the supercharger to be a bit complicated. But, looking at all other incredible advantages, you may negotiate with this minor point.

Just give it a go and enjoy your smooth water ride or water sports.

Good luck!