Do You Need A Driver’S License To Drive A Go Kart?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here, so I hope everyone’s been doing well and staying away from all the negativity in the world these days ( and boy oh boy, it sure does seem like there’s a lot out there these days ) . This time, it’s time to regather to talk about go karting and the driver’s license — with that, I’ll start with my short answering before even starting to give you the long one, he he he he heh. The short answer is no — you do NOT need a driver’s license, usually, when you want to go kart. Such has usually been the case and still remains so to this very day, thankfully ( varying per state and / or county law where you reside ) .

Now keep in mind that some go karts you can only drive based on your age, and for these, you must be at least 16. There ARE ALSO a few ones that DO require a license to drive, and these typically can go at full – car speed ( yup, some even hit around 90 miles per hour, if you really revv it up ) . How fast do you like to go?

If you’d like to race professionally ( FIA – style, baby…. ooh yeah, he he he heh heh ) , then you will need more than just a basic driver’s license. In fact, what you will need, in this very particular ( and yes, certainly more rare, though I do wish there were more professional go kart racers out there in the world these days ) instance, is an international karting license ( which comes in grades a through d ) . The highest grade of license is the a, which lets you drive just about any kind of go kart for your career. You must be at least ( get this ) 15 years old to get one.

You get the a by having the b prior and meeting every requirement, remaining faithful and proving yourself responsible with the b. And to get a grade b, which I know you are going to ask next, he he he he heh…. all you need to do is be 15, once more, and meet all prior annual requirements. Now, one notch down, the grade c is for those kids 12 – 14. And the grade d is also in this age range but made for more basic go kart international races, like with models of less than 15 horsepower.