Go Kart Mower

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

We like go karts. We like mowers, for mowing our lawns, too. But did you know that the best of both worlds exists out there? It does. And you can get what is called a go kart mower, known only to those of us who have really looked into it and done our homework…. he he heh. And now I am here to tell you some! On go kart mowers, let’s talk!

So first off, and foremost of all, I want to make light mention that the option to turn your lawn mower into a racing go kart is very much an achievable one, and many have already worked on getting it done —- all you really have to do is look up online how you can best do that. And I MYSELF WOULD EVEN, on that very same note, look at YouTube step - by - step “how - to” sorts of clips to see how people would actually work to get that done…. it is not too hard if you are somewhat adept and love the mechanical side of things, and more so, if you can learn quickly by just watching some video chops online, he he heh heh. How big is your imagination?

Keep in mind the aspects relating to the clutch, all in all? Well, if not, you should because this is one of the most important parts of the whole thing when you are cross - transforming, so to speak. You have to transmit your power from the lawn mower itself to your wheels if you are going to make this thing work ( and get your go kart to at least go decently fast, at last, faster than my grandma on wheels…. and she can be pretty tootin’ fast when she wants to be, he eh eh hehe heh ) .

Mount a centri - fugal clutch or at least promise me that you will really start to think about doing so… where to mount it, you now ask? You will want to get that done only on your shaft engine ( the horizontal one, of course ) . For a clutch, I have seen them run about as cheap as $30 ( used, not to mention ) or even anywhere as pricey as $100 or more, give or take.

When you know how to properly lube - up that clutch and keep it nice and lubed, then you can easily find yourself saving money and paying on the lower side of things —- the $30 side, of course. But you really have to know how to do this or at least promise me you will look into it before just blindly trying to do it your first time ( You Tube, friends, You Tube ) ….

And with that, I will be off! Thanks, readers. It’s time for me to write up our next one…. and talk about the Honda Odyssey go kart, he he heh!