Tony Kart

Tony Kart is a famous brand name and tagline of a reputable kart chassis producer company. It comes from the nickname of its founder ‘Antonio Bosio’ and is identified as an Italian kart producer brand.

But it’s not just a company that produces the best racing karts in the world. Tony Kart provides the best original Tony kart (OTK) spare parts and kart wear as well. On top of that, they came with their own Kart racing team, claiming awards, titles, and accolades all across the world.

This is just the beginning of getting to know Tony Kart. This article discusses in detail what products and services Tony kart has to offer and, more importantly, how today’s Tony Kart came into being.

History of Tony Kart

Tony Kart is making the best and the fastest racing go-karts today. But can you believe that until 1984, its main production center was a small workshop based in Prevalle, Italy, the same small town where ‘Tony Kart’ originally started?

Antonio Bosio was an uneducated but skilled engineer who used to provide helpful farming solutions for his people in Prevalle, Italy. In 1958, he saw a picture of a makeshift ‘go-kart’ from the USA, and he assembled his own hand-made kart using spare parts and four wheels using just a picture.

The successful go-kart experiment gave him his famous nickname ‘Tony Kart,’ and his spare parts shop was made into an inventor’s lab for go-karts. This is where amazing discoveries and advancements were made that gave us today’s version of a modern go-kart.

The demand and popularity of the go-karts were increasing, and the same was true about the Tony karts original. Until 1984, Tony Karts were hand-made in that three-story workshop. They had to shift to a larger space to meet the demand that year, but the head office remained in Prevalle.

Tony Kart won the first World championship with their typical green-painted Grand Prix chassis in 1986. In 1989, Tony Kart also came with its Tony Kart Racing Team with its own official drivers and transport trucks.

Another huge feat that Tony Kart accomplished was the history-making formula chassis model that went ahead and won various national and international championships back-to-back.

Tony Kart Products

Tony Kart products are grouped under three major umbrellas.


Tony Kart chassis are the highlight of this Kart producer brand. Some notable chassis models from Tony Kart are as under

Tony Kart Racer 401 RR is a true beauty, being the Tony Kart’s top-range chassis model. Since its debut in early 2004, Racer 401 has been winning titles and accolades from all over the world. Tony Kart has been updating it ever since to serve its purpose of winning all right. Just recently, the OTK Kart group introduced the award-winning BSD braking system and the new M1 fairing kit to refine the chassis as well as possible.

You must have heard about the Tony Kart Krypton 801. TDX inherits all its features along with some recent Tony kart advancements, such as the M10 faring kit. TDX is similar to the top-tier Racer 401 with only one difference: it uses 32 mm molybdenum tubes, whereas the racer 401 uses the 300 mm Molybdenum tubes.

Tony Kart Rookie was first born in 2020. Today, it comes in two versions: the EVH and the EVS models. The former features hard tires, while the latter is more suitable for the ‘soft’ compound tires.

Tony Kart mini kid is a smaller-scale version of the Tony Kart top models. It is a high-performance chassis that will stay with you for a lifetime, and it has been specially designed to suit the ages of 7 to 9 years old.

Tony kart micro is another OTK high-quality production for the younger kart drivers. It features state-of-the-art seat sliding and adjustment system and is made from pure and durable aluminum. The particular care to detail makes it just the micro version of the Tony Kart Racer 401.

Tony Kart Viper is a high-performance vehicle made to ensure an enjoyable, comfortable ride. This is not one of those kart models meant for racing. In fact, it solely serves the kart rental market.

OTK Kart Parts

Kart racing teams and many kart producers rely on the quality of OTK Kart parts. Here is an overview of some of the better-known OTK Kart parts:

OTK Kart Wear

OTK is a fine producer of comfortable and durable kart wear, including racing suits, bags, and foot athleisure. OTK kart clothing allows you to comfortably sit in the kart and stretch in it feasibly as your kart takes sharp turns.

Tony Kart Racing Team

‘Tony Kart’ is a brand name representing both the OTK Kart Group and the Tony Kart racing team. Both work independently of each other.

The Tony Kart racing team was born in the 90s. And today, it has become one of the most successful teams in karting history. Tony Kart’s team is an authentic way for the OTK group to test their technical material and products while breeding some precious karting champions for the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tony Kart is famous for its green-painted awards- and title-winning karts. Their popular race line that has been winning international championships for decades is consistent in its shape, body, and design. Besides, Tony Kart has an inspirational story of beginning with a single person and a small spare parts shop.

Tony Kart is the flagship brand name of the OTK Kart Group. OTK Kart group is a leader in the karting industry. Based in Prevalle, Italy, OTK Kart Group, known by the name ‘Tony Kart,’ produces high-quality kart chassis and spare parts that rule as the blueprint of perfection.

The Bottom Line

Tony Kart is a brand popular among kart racers, equally for its tony karts and the top tier Kart racing team. It is a matter of prestige for any kart racer to be a part of the champions Tony Kart team and test their OTK-approved products on the race track for the first time.