80cc Dirt Bike

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

You can go nearly 50 miles an hour with one of these things, most of the time, and they are one of the best options for a dirt - bike for a kid who is new to this. Yup, and to be more precise, you are looking at like 47 mph ( tops ) . So think on that for a bit, and let me chat some more on this….

So, some of these, also, get up to only 40 mph, which is also just right. You do not want to go too fast, but in some cases, also allow your kid the independence to really and feel like they are going decently fast…. which they are. This should give them a real sense of what it feels like to drive something around and take a bit of risk. I, of course, would not suggest that you even start to look at or talk about this until your child is at least 11 or 12 in age, like a pre - teen, you could say. But of course, every parent has his or her different opinions on this, so I can only make a mere suggestion based on what I have witnessed and felt for myself, with my own family, of course.

Now, then. To get on the higher end of that speed max cap, like right up at the full 47, you can keep some things in mind and the first would be weight. The heavier that the person is, whoever is riding the dirt - bike, the more he or she will weigh it down, thanks to our pal, gravity…. and this, in turn, means that you may either go just a little slower or faster, of course. This is natural, a cause - and - effect sort of thing, you know.

But if you want to up the performance every measly bit that you can, to help you here, then try to ride or place your child in an area with a nice, stronger breeze or tail - wind, and facing where it’s seeming to blow toward, if that makes sense. A good tail - wind, in many cases, can boost that speed by a few miles per hour…. just enjoy that boost as long as it lasts because it will feel pretty good, I will have to say. Try it for yourself ( or your child, he he he heh ) .

Make sure that the ground is about as flat as a pan - cake, too… the more flat it is, the better it will be. Trust what I say.

And if you can also show your kid a thing or two on crouching, how to do it right, while riding, and crouching forward, leaning into the drive, etc… It will also help. Watch some clips on that. Go online.

Hopefully, this has got you started. But if you want to learn more stuff, check out the other pages. We’ve written up lots!