What Size Tires Go On A Go-Kart?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

This is a great question to ask, especially given the fact that, as a responsible owner, you do not want to assume anything at all ( or guess sizes, which can be really really bad … especially with as fancy, delicate and expensive a product as a go – kart and its tires, respectively ) . Now I will do my best to answer your question and get you thinking ….

First of all, I would like to just point this one thing out, and then I will move on ; having a go – kart size chart can literally mean the difference between accurate data and mere guessing. As a matter of fact, more than once have I caught myself glancing at one of these “cheat - sheet – like” charts to get the precise size, based on the go – kart I owned ( and I just so happen to own several now, so I find myself glancing at the cheat sheet more often ) .

You can find these types of cheat sheets online and even in many retail seller outlets ( or ask an expert who sells the product, who might be able to have a sheet of their own and can look up pricing, sizing and other such factors for you in just seconds ) . For looking at this kind of chart so many dang times, here is what I have learned that I do remember still …..

If you have a go – kart that is anything like a full - wheel Maxxis Raptor, for instance, then the kinds of front tires you need are typically 10 x 4.50 - 5 5” x 6”. That is accounting for the fact that you have a hard, dry base area surrounding where the wheels mount and insert. So if you get tires of that size and dimension, then it should be the best thing.

These models are usually of a compound hard material, especially in the rear. That’s why these tires fit this go – kart perfectly. Not only that, but also, you should go with rear tires of 11 x 6.00 - 5 for this model ( and for those with similar dimensions ) . If you have a go – kart with a more medium – hard compound overall, then you might still want to go with those same types of front + back tires, respectively. Easy, right?

To add to this, keep in mind that any go – kart model that supports 3 – inch, two – piece tires should probably do well to have 12 x 4.00 - 5 front and back tires in there. Last note : The size needed ( whether for front or rear tires ) can also vary if you are trying to fit in rain tires ( made more adaptably for slicker, wetter race tracks ) .

I hope this has helped you. Let me know. Thank you for reading it!