How To Make Sea-Doo Spark Faster

By Author : Efrain E. Silva

So you should know, and if you have not read my other blog post on the Sea – Doo’s top speed, then I encourage you to go and do that first, by now, that 50 mph is the top speed of this watercraft. But that is not to say, as I will add now, that you can not crank things up to make it go just a little bit faster ( if you know what you are doing, I will say, otherwise, just get an expert or a pro to do this all for you, ha ha ha hah, so nothing gets messed up in the process ) . And once made faster, most note that it can get tweaked up to a max of about an extra 5 mph, so all in all, it would cap off at 55 mph. That’s not too bad at all, now, is it? My friend has done it, and he says the extra speed in mileage is a nice little extra boost of fresh air, so to speak, and worth his while in messing around with things….. so why not give it a go and make the most of that Sea – Doo, all in all? After all, you do only live once while in this crazy, short life, so time to make it count.

But to make things faster and to really up the performance, as we like to say, you are going to need to make a few purchases ( good things cost money —- unless, of course, you are a truly prepared tech whiz who already happens to have these at home or sitting in your garage, in which case, I applaud you richly for being a step ahead of my game, he he he heh ) . You are going to want to get you some floor – board wedges and some knee pads, not to mention a new seat, if you feel the old one is giving out on you. Now, of course, these items are optional —- but what you really can not settle on is getting yourself grates for intake and air, and your boating retailer can tell you which ones you might need. Also get a new exhaust, an impeller, and yes, even a ride plate. Once you are done meddling around with things, you will come to notice all of these items are not optional but rather essential, he he he heh.

Do so by re – placing all of the aforementioned parts of your Spark, and I guarantee you, it will run faster! And like I said, if you’re unsure of how to do anything, either resort to looking at YouTube clips by pros who do it, or hire someone whom you can trust will mess around with it without damaging anything. Plenty of ‘hack experts’ know what they’re doing and can get you to that whopping 55 mph! Let the fun begin!!!!