Why Is There No Lamborghini In F1?

This is the hot topic button question of the hour, as some like to say, ladies and gents : and if you have ever wondered why in God’s good green earth Lamborghini never shows up at the F -1 races, then this is for you. Stick around and read. Read, read, read!

Now then first of all, they DID participate in the past so do keep that in mind ; as a matter of fact, they proudly participated in the 1989 – 1991 season and have even served as an F -1 supplier the year after. They placed both 4th and 6th in 1989 ( for their winners were Silverstone, coming in 4th place, and Suzuka in 6th ) . They have changed hands many many times since then, and as many still recall to this very day, they were even bought out by VW at some point. On another note, this brand of Lamborghini simply does not have a sort of “racing pedigree” as some have stated, and they make cars that are great for all kinds of roads but simply not the top – notch stuff when it comes to making cars that can be driven by some of the world’s best drivers….. truth be told.

Handling, braking, acceleration —- and many other linear types of properties that can make any car F –1 worthy…. these simply lack, to put it most bluntly, when it comes to their cars. And that’s okay. After all, not every single brand or car out there is made for race competing. Their cars are, after all, more like fast Sedan cars when you really stop to think about it, and they often are not made for tracks either …… ( heck, many of them, if not all, do not even have turbo – chargers built into them, so that should tell you everything ) .

This Italian brand of cars has never had its own serious sports team…. or F – 1 team. They never have, and by the looks of it, they never intend to. Thus they just stay out of the game altogether these days. In addition, to be even more frank, some of the execs at Lamborghini, when asked this same question, have simply posed the same response…. “no interest in motor sports”. When there is a lack of general interest, along with a lack of talent, an opportunity dies ( or actually, never truly exists in the first place ) . This isn’t the answer many like to hear. But it is the truth of the matter.