Brian Deegan

By Dirt - Bike Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Did you know that some 200 cc go karts can out - race the 500 cc ones? They can go a last faster, in some cases, than the 500 cc’s top speeds. They can do, for example, 120 mph if you put in a full engine that’s 4 - stroke. But anyways, all this and more are facts that the smart people, like yourselves ( or general go kart lovers ) ought to know about. But I’ve talked so much on that already, that I want to shift gears ( he heh heh… get it? ) . I want to talk about dirt - bikes today. So shift those gears with me, and let’s go over to that topic!

Brian Deegan knows a whole ton about it. And he is a guy that has spent hours looking at dirt - bikes, driving them, and then sharing some of that knowledge and that passion with other people in multiple places…. including, of course, right on the web. Now let me tell you some more…

First of all, Brian Deegan is called by some as the General…. it’s like his nick - name, more so as it has to do with dirt - bikes, all in all. He owns and rides so many dirt - bikes still, which is basically like his passion project and niche as some would rather call it ; it is the one place where he feels that he can go away, and escape this crazy planet, to get into the things he loves…. like dirt - bikes. So if you can, check him out by Googling him up! He is worth your while. The guy is so funny, smart and cool.

Some also call him a motor - cross legend or super - star as it relates to that. He was one of the most famous riders of the new era, right around the New Millenium when 2,000 got started, the internet got started, and all of that came into being…. remember? If not, then you are too young, my friend. But it was a good time, and I will at least say that ( though I could say so much more, and you ought to see my hair - do from back in the day, he he he heh heh… it will make you not realize me, more than likely ) .

Brian Deegan was nothing but a bold and fearless rider that caught the attention of so many masses. And that is what I love about him. He started small, but humbly… and worked at what he loved — riding, of course. He was even used as a stunt double in a few major summer movies…. like, for example, Spider - Man ( with Tobey Maguire as Spider - Man, the hero of the movie ; and Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne / The Green Goblin, the main villain ) and The Fantastic Four, two great Marvel ones. Anyways, we love you, Brian Deegan!