How Much Is A Delorean Worth?

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Back to the Future : Remember those classic movies? Those 80’s adventures that Marty and his doc friend, and even his girl – friend, also, went on? The 3 characters saw a lot of action inside this rare type of car that they used. Ha hah. I still remember every scene in the back of my mind, especially all the times that Marty got in the car and drove through time, entering a new era…. and exiting the prior one as well. Those were the moments that we 80’s movie – goers lived for, I will say, and that’s under – stating. Ha hah.

Look up a dealer that can sell you a car like this. Ask them everything you need to before going to see it yourself and sign any papers. Don’t make a trip out there until sure. Can’t hurt to cover all bases first. Do your research and plan well ahead.

Now, then, you might be asking how much you might even need for a car like this? Moo – lah? Cash? Well, that is a very good question…..

I want to point out to you the simple and plain fact that $35,000 is what you can look at on the very low side. And on the high side, add another $10 K. So $45,000, at most. But this is, of course, fluctuating, based on the seller, based on the condition of the car, and much more. But I just wanted to give you a ball – park price to start with. So at least you have an idea.

Keep in mind this, too —- 5 of these cars were made in gold. Yup. I do mean gold. Solid gold – plated and nothing cheap. Mind you, I am talking about a full 24 karats. 24 K gold all – around. But like I said, given the numbers of these around, they’re rare. Who knows if any of those original 5 are still around, and more so, if their owner would be willing to sell them up? You would need a lot of money, I am sure, and perhaps something else to bargain with. But you never know…. maybe one day you will be so lucky…. ( or at the very least, to see one of these fully – gold – plated ones driving around on the streets ) .

Also, we have to keep in mind the economics behind it all…. the law of supply and demand is what I am speaking of, of course. And with that thought, I will leave you with this ; only 10,000 DeLoreans were made, ever. And that was in the 80’s. Probably less of them exist now. And the more that society ages, the more rare they will likely become and, in turn, more likely the more valuable and costly as well. And since the supply chain is never fully predictable, prices can soar as well. So that est. figure of $45,000 can inflate.