What is the one name that amalgamates style, power, and stability like a pro? If you are also thinking of the Sea-doo WAKE PRO, congratulations! You got it right.

The supercool Sea-doo WAKE PRO has made tow sports experiences so delightful. Not only for its bright and splashy colors, but the Sea-doo WAKE PRO has also got such exciting features that it is worth every penny. Tow sports and riding are more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

But before hopping on your jet ski, it is better to look at all the specifications of it so that you yourself can examine its authenticity. Let’s know the jaw-dropping features it has to offer us.

An overview: Sea-doo WAKE PRO

The Sea-doo WAKE PRO, according to the manufacturer, is the most innovative and most convenient jet ski ever. It allows you to experience tow sports and riding experiences smoother than ever. In this section, I will talk about everything associated with this fantastic jet ski.

Engine and Closed-loop cooling system

The Sea-doo WAKE PRO comes equipped with a robust engine that provides you with the smoothest riding experiences. It comes with a 230 horsepower powerful engine that gathers its addictive acceleration from the Rotax 1630. The engine knows how to fascinate with its impressive torque. Additionally, the fantastic fuel economy acts as its qualifier. The engine uses the st3 hull engine that provides you with a substantial function. The manufacturers claim that this is by far the best offshore hull. Moreover, the clcs or closed-loop cooling system allows the engine to prevent damage due to saltwater or debris. Hence, it can be said that this is arguably the best insertion from SEA-DOO.

Fuel Capacity and consumption

Tow sports and riding are fun until you have to worry about reckless fuel consumption. Let’s all agree we worry about it, don’t we? But guess what? The Sea-doo WAKE PRO comes with an additional advantage of fair fuel consumption. The jet ski has a 70 L fuel tank capacity. That means it comes with a fuel tank that has 18.5 US gallons of capacity.


If you are one of those who enjoy speedy rides and tow water sports, this one can be the best option you can opt for. The Sea-doo WAKE PRO comes with a supercharged 230hp robust engine that allows it to reach the highest speed, somewhere around 67 mph. Of course, the speed depends upon the weather and weight also. But you can expect top-notch acceleration from it.

Customizable riding modes

This ski jet is indeed smart because it knows to suit your personality well. The Sea-doo WAKE PRO comes with two customizable riding modes. If you are someone who loves to enjoy the speedy sports spirit, you might enable the sports mode. And if you wish to keep an eye on the fuel consumption, you might enable the eco mode for a longer and light ride.

Swim platform

One of the most important features while speaking of riding or tow sports is the swim platform. If you are into water sport and jet ski stuff, you might well know how necessary it is to have plenty of space for reboarding and prepping. You might face this issue with most of the jet skis in the market.

Thankfully the manufacturers have kept this in mind. This particular product provides you ample space. The redesigning has made it flatter and more comfortable. Even the removal of the rare seat increases the space inside. So much so that three riders can comfortably ride together.

iBR and boarding ladder

The manufacturers of this product have enhanced the safety measures by incorporating the intelligent brake and reverse (IBR). With this technology, riders can stop the boat sooner and can also engage neutral, reverse, and forward for a hassle-free, smooth ride. Additionally, the jet ski comes with a boarding ladder that helps the rider/riders to hop in.


The improved hull design and the lower center gravity have made the Sea-doo WAKE PRO incredibly stable. Whether you are resting peacefully or riding on rough offshore water, the impressive hull design makes this jet ski most stable and steady.

Musical ride

Do you think I am joking? Well, this jaw-dropping feature of this jet ski might literally make your jaw drop! The manufacturers have introduced the first fully waterproof Bluetooth audio system to make your ride even more interesting. With the external playback controls, this product gives you ultimate fun while riding. Just make sure you choose perfect songs on the deck.


This feature will, of course, blow your mind as this is probably the most claimed advantage among all. The Sea-doo WAKE PRO comes with direct-access front storage that opens by only raising the handlebar. So, you might well understand there is no need to stand. Accessing the front storage is now easier than ever!

Watertight Phone Compartment

This jet ski comes equipped with a watertight phone compartment that incorporates a USB port. So, you can take your phone or action camera onboard with no harm. Additionally, it allows the devices to be fully charged so that you can experience a well-equipped ride.

Ski pylon and LinQ system

The LinQ system, designed by SEA-DOO, allows fixing the accessories on the rear platform. And to enhance the position of rope while tow sporting, the ski jet comes equipped with a ski pylon. It makes the rope fix on a higher position for a better experience.




How fast does the Seadoo 230 wake Pro go?

The Sea-doo WAKE PRO can reach speeds of up to 67mph. The pace might be different due to the weather and the weight.

How long will a Seadoo engine last?

Generally, a 4-stroke engine jet ski lasts up to 350 hours. And one with a 2-stroke engine lasts somewhere around 150 hours. So, on average, you might expect an engine to stay for a couple of hundred hours.

Is 50 mph fast for a jet ski?

Jet skis can reach speeds somewhere between 40 to 70 mph. So 50 mph can be considered an average speed.

Final thoughts

Every single product on this earth comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, this particular product also comes with exciting pros and negotiable cons. So, considering all of the points mentioned above, you can give it a go. Splash water and ride like a pro! Good luck.