Polaris RZR Pro XP 4

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Polaris Expert)

First Thing to Consider:

The first thing to note is that this model is one heck of a versatile one altogether, and it kicks booty in each and every single way that it can, too. Now let’s a look at the big features, which I know you are dying to read ( he he heh ) ….

Trim, Plus Some Other Cool Features to Take Note of:

First of all, here, you ought to keep in mind the plain and simple fact that the X4 SPORT starts out at just $27,799 US MSRP. The model comes with some of the best, firmest FOX Shocks around, making sure your suspension is always safe and at its very best, too. Your shock absorption ( from impacts or crashing, God forbid it happens … ) is some of the greatest and most high – tech available. Not only all that, but you should also be glad to keep in mind the very fact that the White Lightning version of it is perhaps the favorite of most buyers ; they simply like how those sharp, bright dark white – to greyish colors blend in just right with that black ( of which the bottom torso, the tires, and the brand – logo are painted in, of which you can also see the “RZR” label in black on each side – door, too ) .

When it comes to the Cruiser Black version, the whole thing is sort of inverted, and you basically get the exact opposite look ( same thing as the White Lightning, but back – wards, or inside – out, if you will ) . It’s nice to see those whitish - to - grayish letters ( for “RZR”, once more ) showing up nicely against those solid, elegant black doors at the end of the day. Change your color … change your world ( as I am sure you have heard it been said before, he he he he heh … ) …

Now, then, with the Ghost Gray color option ( the 3rd and final one currently available for this dear model ) , keep in mind that it looks about the same as the White Lightning ( but the gray’s a bit darker and starker, in a nicely attractive way ) . You can also spot tiny little tints of orange all around the sides and back, if you look closely ; it’s a nice little touch, too.

Now first of all, the very trim ( which I know has likely been the thing you have been dying to know, before we get into anything else, eh? Be honest, know … it’s all right … I will talk on it now …. ) : You get ( 14.5 - inch, baby ) clearance … all right! Plus, you also get a width of 64 inches, totalled. This is about standard, and it rocks. Not only that, but your horse – power …. it’s more than the usual 75 – 100 most basic buyers like to get … oh, yes … are you ready to hear just a bit more on that part? I know you are …. ( other – wise, you would have clicked out of this page a few seconds ago, he he he he he he hehhh … got to throw in some humor there, to keep you smiling as you read, right? ) ….

Now, then, the horse – power ( BIG DRUM ROLL ….. ) …. 181, BABY! A FULL 181. THERE IT IS : YOU HEARD ( READ, ACTUALLY ) IT.

THAT is almost a full 200. Not bad, now. Not bad at all.

This model clears the ground at 14.5 inches, not bad … and it also offers almost 200 ( 181, precisely, he he he he heh ) horse – power as well as 64 – inch width all around. Talk about a nice, decent trim in dimensions and all. Plus, it comes with 8 – ply type tires, not to even mention some of the best MAXXIS Carnivore tires ( 2.0 as well ) . These are superb 30 – inch tires we’re talking about, guys.

LED : The best, for accent panels …. night lights on them, too. All this and more is featured in the “MOST CAPABLE & VERSATILE RZR FOR 4” ( as Polaris itself has called it, he he he he heh ) . Now let us have a look at some more goody information ( yayyy ) , shall we? Stay tuned here ….

What else to note? Well, this one’s got not just the usual Sport, Premium and Ultimate sub – classes to it ( but also a one – of – a kind RZR Pro XP 4 Ultimate Rockford Fosgate® Limited Edition you can get as well … nice little surprise this time, eh? ) . And the best part, for this one, is that it just starts right at $38,899 US MSRP ( affordable for those who like a deal on this, and know the market value of the whole thing ) . When you look at the basic cost range for these kinds of vehicles ( yes, I did say vehicles … they’re, to people like me, as valuable and useful as cars themselves, in many, many ways … he he he he he heh … ) , that’s a decent price, at the end of the day. No one will rip you off there, he he heh …. but if you can’t pay in full, when you talk to the agent, he or she can usually give you a financing offer for like $ 384.41 / mth on this particular model or other versions, too. Get a local price, quote, though as the price can change locally. Thinking of buying?