How Fast Can A Go Kart Run With A 420cc Engine

This is a terrific question of which it is my every joy to be able to answer to you today : Know that I, your auto and go karts expert, am back at the wheel again ( or at least, the writer’s wheel, he he he he heh ) to give you that answer. Are you ready for it? Well, here it comes — these types of go karts will more often than not come in sort of a 13 HP arrangement and offer an OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine that complies with every form of EPA / CARB emissions requirements. That said, you can usually find them hitting around 33 miles per hour top speeds, give or take a bit….

Now, keep in mind the rest that I am going to say as well, starting with this fact : The top speed can also depend on your go kart’s specific Torque Converter at the end of the day. For instance, if you just so happen to have a 40 – series one, with a predator engine on it, then you will typically be looking at this 33 mile per hour top speed I just mentioned. Some, however, can be tweaked past that point to even break 70. Yup, 70 miles per hour ….

Consider getting updates on it, and if you know how to tweak certain parts or install add – ons yourself, then by all means, don’t let me stop you. Or otherwise get a pro to do it. Think on getting 14 – tooth clutches ( Noram style, if you can afford it ) to help make this happen, along with 80 – tooth sprockets ( Rebel Gears sells some great ones both online and by store orders ) and using 24 – inch bike tire replacements. This can all kick up that speed to full 70.

If you know how to re – brand or re – build / modify the engine itself, then that will be the final touch that will make it happen. Otherwise, don’t even try to on your own. You might end up missing a spark plug, a wire connecting, or something else, and ruining the entire transmission itself. Like I always say, if you can’t do it on your own, then pay for a pro ; it’s worth it to have an expert who knows this kind of stuff.

Keep in mind the minimum speed is typically 20 miles per hour. That’s what these 420 cc bad boys can start at. Get one for yourself.