Indy Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

My friend loves Indy go karts and accepts a good re - model challenge whenever he can, he heh. He loves buying and trading them, at some point selling his older models, and even, of course, racing them out on the roads that ‘lead to nowhere’, as I like to call them ( basically out in the middle of nowhere, where no one and nothing can really bother him and his fun, he he heh ) . And if you have wondered if certain go karts out there are able to race at the Indy 500, for instance, and something bigger - scale than just a basic go kart race, then the answer is yes, they can! And as a matter of fact, my good friend took me to a derby race center, one time, and even paid for me to get in as a VIP ( since he just so happened to be one of the go kart racers there, and a true shining face for the audience to witness…. Everyone loved him and tons of people came out just to watch him hopefully win, which he did often on so many occasions, but that’s another tale to tell, he he he he heh ) . And when I was there, just not too long ago, as a matter of fact, I saw these go karts go fast, Indy - style. It was a sight to witness, and that is saying the very least of it ; I, for one, did not want to leave the stands that I was at, for even just a half of a split - second, to go to the rest - room to get a hot dog, or to do anything else…. no sir, my glutes were glued to my seat, and I was happy leaving them there. This race was addicting, and these multi - colored ( some blue, some red, others green, others yellow with purple, I always remember, he he he heh ) go karts were something the likes of what I’d never seen, ever before.

We are talking about 200 CC, 4 - stroke go karts that whizzed by and made by hair go up every time they completed a lap around their circuit, he he he heh. They could even get top speeds of 75 mph, as fast as a regular car going about on the high - way, you know what I mean? And there were also a few 2 - strokers out there that had my respect ; these I watched closely, too. All go karts represented were Indy - approved and used, I want to briefly mention. And some of these types of go karts, as a side note, got up to 120 MILES PER HOUR. That is right…. “fast” does not begin to tell you what they were, when I really think about it and re - call my time there that day. I would do it again, maybe even race one some day soon.