Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Upgrade

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Impellers, or rotor blades, as some others would prefer to be calling them, ( he heh, but it all makes no difference to me…. a name is a name ) are highly invaluable, and much more so on a watercraft like the amazing Sea – Doo Spark. And you know what’s better than an old impeller, I might add? An UPGRADED IMPELLER, or an IMPELLER REPLACEMENT, all in all! Yup, you can swap it out and make it truly better than the prior one was, and in this read, I hope to show you some things you might have needed to know but been too distracted to look into for yourself. So please read on, and whatever happens, do not take your eye – balls off this page until you’ve hit the last word at the very bottom, he heh, I promise not to bore you with my insight ( pinkie swear ).

Now, then, on to it! First of all, I want you to take to heart the fact that, the first thing you can think about doing, is taking out that basic impeller ( or regular one it came with ) and putting in one like this, which would be, in my eyes, a true upgrade : SOLAS Sea Doo Spark 2-Up 3-Up Impeller SK-CD-12/17 W/Wear Ring & Impeller Tool: Sports & Outdoors

Now what I like about this one is that you do not even need to modify or adjust the pump in order to install it…. not even slightly. Nope. It’s ready for action and should fit right in. And heck, why not? I mean, after all, it even went above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, in the sense that it cared enough to come with its own replacement wear ring ( aww, how nice of it to do so, right? ) . And with it, you also get 12/17 Pitch. But this kind of impeller, I might add, is not only stainless steel, but this stainless steel it’s made of is actually fully corrosion – resistant. It’s been labeled and brandished and such, and the makers do not lie here. You can easily tell that it is high – strength and high – durability as well, I might note. Plus, it’s notably polished stainless steel, which you will also see on the box when you get it ( they take pride in stating that very true fact about their product, not missing a single selling point, I can tell, he he he he heh ) . This means its coating is highly visible, shiny, glossy, and attractive, all in all. And when you ride your Spark on the crystal clear, semi – pellucid waters, the watercraft will shine brightly right alongside you…..

But of course, this is only one certain impeller upgrade you can get. Just search “impeller upgrade for Sea – Doo Spark” on its search box in the top middle.

Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Upgrade - More Info

If you want to really 2 – UP or even 3 – UP your impeller, and upgrade it, in other words, to make it even better, then boy, have I got the page – turner blog you need to read right now…. it’s right here, so keep reading, keep reading, and keep reading!!!!!

First of all, I often come back to Amazon to look at this impeller upgrade, or upgraded impeller, I should rather say : SOLAS Sea Doo Spark 2-Up 3-Up Impeller SK-CD-12/17 W/Wear Ring & Impeller Tool: Sports & Outdoors

I think of all the impeller upgrades that I have ever bought, for all the different water – craft that I have ever owned or rented out, this has been one of my fave ones to come back to, all in all….I like it not only because it is Top – Rated on Amazon and one of Amazon’s Top Picks, which actually says a TON since Amazon is very picky and has a strong quality control team internally ( but really takes into account the opinions and features of its many sellers – buyers, respectively ) . But I also love it because it is simple and so easy to get through when taking off / putting on, the whole upgrade process, as a whole…..

Solas, in addition to Rivas Racing, is a great brand that does not take guesses when it makes products ; but its designers and engineers are superb and unrivaled in their art, and they sure know what the heck they are doing every time. Impellers, wear rings, O – Rings, and heck, other boating and water – craft accessories or parts, to be quite frank, are their bread and butter….. it is their specialty to make solid upgrades, mods, and more such as this one. And I like that you also get 12 / 17 pitch with it, which, when you test it out for yourself to see it, is not bad at all. A good fit on the Spark, I would add. No one disagrees with me there, I AM SURE of that, he he he heh.

Now, then. Also, you can put it on directly —- no long and dull process of having to work around your pump, etc. Remember the pain that this can be? Not here. Thank God. It’s a simple “one and done” as we often like to say.

Another great alternative option you may hear me go on and on about, with ecstatic joy, would be this one —- Impros impellers solas seaDoo Concord SPARK TUNE 8500

It is, as a matter of fact, such a great impeller product that some consider a true upgrade in itself, at least from most basic impeller types. It’s a step up, which is why I’m proud to rightly brag on it. All in all, I hope this has helped a bit, guys, and that you at least know where to start looking.