Sea-Doo GTX

Owning a jet ski or Personal watercraft is cool indeed. And if it is the all-new Sea-doo GTX, the ultimate result is the speed with style. This specific water vehicle comes with exciting features and useful advantages. The robust engine provides the smoothest ride ever. I can bet if you grab one, you are bound to be impressed.

Sea-doo GTX: An Overview

The Sea-doo GTX is indeed one of the best jet skis in the market. But, like every other product, this one also presents itself with some pros and negotiable cons. Hence, it is always better to look at all the advantages and disadvantages beforehand.


The Sea-doo GTX has variations in its engine department. This jet ski has three models that provide 170 hp engine, 230 hp engine, and 300 hp engine, respectively. The engine is not that different from other models of Sea-doo jet skis. It is basically a 1630 cc ROTAX engine. Like most other sea-doo models, this one also has a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder engine. And the engines ( 170 hp, 230 hp, and 300 hp) come with the Advanced Combustion Efficiency technology or the ACE technology.

Moreover, both the engines are supercharged and equipped with an external intercooler. The engines come with a throttle system of iTC™ (Intelligent Throttle Control) and D-Sea-BeI™ exhaust system. So, the engine is robust and can provide smooth operation.

CLCS system

The closed-loop cooling system that comes along with the engine is worth appreciating. This is a common feature of almost every Sea-doo model. The CLCS system works to protect the engine against saltwater damage problems and also debris-related problems. Isn’t it a relieving feature?

Improved seat

The modular ergo lock narrow seat allows you to place the knees closer for a natural riding posture. Additionally, the stepped seat design allows you and your passenger to be in a stable position by providing lateral support. Also, the rear seat of this particular ski jet is removable. Hence, it provides ample space for a sunbath or a face-to-face picnic.

Large swim platform

The manufacturers claim that Sea-doo GTX provides the industry’s largest swim platform. The PWC with ample space inside is an ideal choice for people who love tow Sports and lounging. Moreover, you can get extra space by removing the rear seat. So, it is beneficial indeed.

Hull and design

The GTX model, like most other Sea-doo models, comes with an ST3 fiberglass hull. The hull is worth appreciating because it works really well to make the vehicle stable and steady in every situation. The impressive design of this jet ski has stolen thousands of hearts. The 135.9 inches long and 49.4 inches wide watercraft is, in short, amazing!

iBR technology

The manufacturers of the Sea-doo GTX have kept the security factor in mind. and exactly for that reason, they have included the IBR technology in most of their models. Likewise, this jet ski also has the technology by which riders can stop it sooner. Also, the handlebar allows the rider to engage forward, neutral, or reverse mode so that riders can suit the water condition and enjoy a slow water ride safely.


This technology is exclusive in some of the Sea-doo models. And to be honest, this feature has helped people a lot. We all know the troublesome situation if debris enters the engine. The IDF technology, aka the intelligent Debris Free pump system, provides protection from debris. The process is pretty simple. It turns the impeller in reverse so that it can free itself from the debris. Isn’t that fascinating? But, three of the GTX models do not have the IDF system. The 170 hp engine and the 230 hp engine only come equipped with the IDF.


The VTS or Variable Tuning System helps the rider to finely tuned rider experience. According to the number of members and the water condition. The quick access handlebar can help you move according to your wish and will.

Waterproof phone compartment

Like many other Sea-doo models, this specific jet ski has a waterproof phone compartment that many people appreciate. The fully waterproof compartment can let you take your camera, phone, and many other devices for a better experience. Additionally, this compartment comes with a USB port that can get your devices charged. Smart indeed!

Rear cargo LinQ system

This specific jet ski can provide ample space for the riders. The Sea-doo GTX comes with a LinQ system that allows extra space in just one single snap. With this quick-attached rear cargo, you might store a bag or even a fuel caddy if needed.

Front storage

The large front storage area is now at your arm’s reach. Now you do not have to stand to access the large front storage. So convenient, isn’t it?




How fast is the GTX 300?

The highest speed of the Sea-doo GTX 300 is about 65 to 70 mph.

How long can a jet ski run on a tank of gas?

On an average level, a jet ski may run 1 to 2 hours with a tank full of gas if you run it at its full speed. But if you can control the pace and run it at its best cruise speed, it might give you a smooth ride of 4 to 7 hours.

How many hours is too much for a jet ski?

If you have a 4-stroke engine, then anything more than 500 hours will exhaust your jet ski. And let’s say you own a 2-stroke jet ski. Then 300 hours will be its maximum limit.

Final thoughts

The all-new Sea-doo GTX is incredible in simple words. You can taste the racing spirit as well as the touring spree with this specific jet ski. With its mind-blowing features and super cool color combination, this jet ski is a real king on the wave.

But some people have claimed problems regarding the debris control system that it is not a super effective feature. Also, the extra maintenance for the supercharger might cost a bunch of dollars.

However, looking at all other incredible specs, owning this will not be going in vain. So, try giving it a shot.

Good luck!