Is Go Karting Like Driving A Car?

What a time to live in… in which we have cars, go karts and so much more in this age. Go karts : The goal is to have fun. The goal is to prosper. The goal is to conquer and divide ( and hopefully win, if you’re a super competitive person, he he he he heh ) . Now you might be wondering what the similarities might be when driving a go kart… in case you’ve driven a car before but never a go kart? Well, the following things ought to keep you thinking, friend….

Read on through. Read on through. Read on through….

Now first of all, the first thing that I would like your eye – balls to pay attention to on this here screen is this : the fact that cars tend to have a much higher braking sensitivity. They are, of course, more prone to accidents and thus require this feature to be in place, as you can no doubt imagine. Since cars can usually ( but with some exceptions, as there are many fast 100+ mile per hour go karts or go kart tweeks out there, he he he he heh ) run a whole lot faster than go karts and typically involve heavier, moving pieces of metal, accidents can be more serious. The bumpers of a car can not protect from a full collision as the bumpers on a go kart can…. due to the speed of the impact, plus the other factors put into place ensuring safety, etc…. think about all this for just 1 second.

Go karts are designed for fun and in enclosed ( whether outdoor or indoor ) tracks, environments checked in advance against every single precaution. Plus, they can only go up to a certain speed, so an impact ( which is fully preventable in most cases ) will cause less whiplash and shock, all in all. Plus, there are bumper walls against all corners of the go kart’s race track, typically, which are made of the right material for shock absorption and impact. They can rub up nicely against the front or back of the go kart that is crashing into them…. while sort of slowing down the vehicle and cushioning the blow.

Plus when you drive a car, not only is an accident more lethally ( and legally ) risky, but it is also more traumatizing overall.

And on cars, you’ll get solo rear suspension as opposed to solid rear axles, which means there’s more wheel control and less chances of roll – over.