How Much Does The Windshield Of A Car Cost?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

How much does the wind - shield of a car cost? Great question. I plan to take every bit of detail from the back of my mind and share it on this page ; it hope to share at least a little of the much that I have come to learn on this particular matter, so if you like learning about such things, then please do me the favor of sticking here. Stay here and read!

Now then, first of all, I would like to make a plain and simple mention of the very fact that the typical cost is anywhere from around $200 to $400. And that’s just the starting cost, of course ( when looking at things from the low – end or more economically – friendly approach ) . Now keep in mind that it can also depend on a whole range of other factors, like your car type, ATV / SUV / golf – kart, go – kart, etc ( yes, some of these do come with more specialized wind – shields as well, which can cost you almost a literal arm and a leg, in money, to replace … so just keep this in mind as well ) .

And when it comes down to the very matter of you driving a luxury car ( perhaps even a car of the year, and much worse, one that is rented or leased out and that you do not own yourself ) , the price to replace the wind – shield can pretty much sky – rocket from there. That is, I will admit, one such flaw that I believe top car rental agencies ( like Avis, Budget Car Rental, Hertz, etc ) hold …. they charge a bunch of hidden fees, not to mention an arm and a leg ( no, not literally an arm and a leg, he he heh, for that would be gross ) for the simplest dent, scratch or minute repair needed on the car you rent from them. With a quality wind – shield that gets damaged or broken, expect to pay to get it repaired ( many times, you will still be charged a reasonable fee even after auto renter’s insurance kicks in, which can create a whole wealth of other problems in and of itself, can’t you imagine? ) ….

But if it’s a single chip repair ( emphasis on single, and on chip ) , then that cost to replace can usually be cheap … like around $60 to $100. Hopefully, either way, you have Progressive Insurance, which happens to have one of the best auto insurance policies around ( of which you can add wind – shield damage to your coverage items ) , especially useful if you are found not to be the one at fault in the accident. Something to think about ….

New wind –shields can be pricey. Dealers charge for labor, too. It’s typically $100-200/hr.