Suzuki Dirt Bikes

Find out more here!  So, this time around, you wish to learn about the great Suzuki dirt bikes, then, do you? Well, we are glad you’re curious, so glad, in fact, that the following article is for you. You don’t want to miss out. Read on….. 

The brand name behind the product, and its history

Suzuki dirt bikes are a true legend. And that, perhaps, is understating a great deal. But you get where I am headed here, I’m sure. It’s truly a business that’s hard to compete against, one that proudly took root back in 1909 under the diligent direction of Japan’s own, Mr. Michio Suzuki. He founded the company with both a vision and a love for cars, as well as for business in general, believing that he could combine the best of the two in order to be successful in his country and even in regions beyond.  

And thankfully, after many years and much struggle, this has resulted. Today, if he were alive, he would be quite proud to see his dream fulfilled. And many, of course, are also proud that he had it to begin with…..

The product itself

There’s seven Suzuki dirt bikes that we’re going to briefly study here so that you can get a solid idea or mental picture of a few of the many looks that Suzuki dirt bikes have taken on after all these years --- especially from 1973 to 2015, in full retrospect. These were some very memorable years in the realm of Suzuki dirt bike evolution, and we wish to share them with you, perhaps giving you a taste of what you can expect when you make a purchase of one….. 

1. The Suzuki Dirt Bike T.M. 125K  of 1973 - Black and yellow was the standard look of this one. Think of “bumble bee” but in a cool way. It opened a door to much more…..the first of its kind. 

2. The Suzuki Dirt Bike P.E. 250B of 1977 - Suzuki further showed off its arsenal through this one. It offered more in the way of stability, comfort, and traction. Check it out when you can. A quick online search by its name can teach you some things…. 

3. The Suzuki Dirt Bike R.M. 125 of 1985 - This one’s a little more compact and potent, overall, than the last one was. It’s still visually appealing through its two interchanged yellow and black colors. Suzuki has “upped” its game once again! And also, one can easily adjust the seats here for maximum comfort and style.   

4. The Suzuki Dirt Bike R.M.X. 250 of 1993 - This bike keeps the colors seen, once more, but adding some small red logos all throughout on front and back. It just makes for a small extra touch of red. The difference is not significantly visible when seen with past versions.   

5. The Suzuki Dirt Bike D.R. 200 of 1998 - 1998 made for a great year of dirt bike action as did the 1990’s in general! This time around, we get a dirt bike that is a little lighter, more fuel efficient and more power-potent overall. And fans fall in love once more.   

6. The Suzuki Dirt Bike R.M. 250 of 2008 - By this time, many decades have passed, and Suzuki is now far more serious about what it offers. It always has been, but it’s name has not been anywhere near in status to where it stands today. And with releases like this one’s, that of the R.M. 250, you can tell the future of Suzuki success is now unstoppable at this point. Greater seat height and curb weight, offered in this model, are only the beginning….. 

7. The Suzuki Dirt Bike R.M.Z. 450 of 2015 - Along with that last note, Suzuki only continues to explode in engine potential, fuel capacity and so much more. And as we just briefly mentioned, both this model and the 2008 R.M. 250 carry 4-stroke engines, fuel injection systems, quality coil-spring front and rear suspensions, and so much more. 

More you should know

The days of 2-stroke motor engines on dirt bikes are, I think, far gone. Or at least, they’re coming to a soon close. God only knows the day when even the 4-stroke engine itself will have become a full thing of the past, perhaps only remembered in the mind’s eye, if that. And this is a good thing: Technological progress is now growing faster than ever before expected, in all areas and industries, not leaving that of dirt bikes behind. Pretty soon, God willing, we might have dirt bikes that can fly and will no longer need the name dirt bike; sky bike sounds pretty appealing, does it not? 

But all jokes aside, we are truly headed beyond what many called “possible” in ages past. And just looking through the different generations in which these seven models alone were released, you’ll concur. Progress is good…..   

Final, concluding thoughts on all this

The word is “Suzuki”. The time is now! The person chosen to potentially try out a Suzuki dirt bike and enjoy it for life is you! 

We do sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your brief study of Suzuki, starting with its history and going further into seven of its bikes from past model years. We hope this has opened your mind to a whole new dimension of possibilities in all that Suzuki’s brand can offer, as well as given you some possible ideas into what it can hold for the future. The future is bright, indeed, and we are only a few weeks away from entering a New Year --- in which Suzuki may unveil some other great dirt bikes, the likes of which have never been shown to the public eye, yet. Keep learning all you can about Suzuki, and about dirt bikes in general, if you truly desire to become a more knowledgeable expert for your off-road adventures. We hope you will stay tuned for future articles, where you can learn much more on similar topics and go beyond!