What Do The Flags Mean In Go Kart Racing?

Safety is all. Do not take your safety for granted …. the flags are designed for safety and much more. In this piece, I would like to talk to my friends ( you guys, he he he heh, all my readers everywhere ) about what each of these flags means so that you can see why can they be important, based on where you’re at in the track or race, and much else. So without further ado, let me get to it. Ready for reading time? Give me five minutes, please, and you will walk out as a changed person …. one who knows more on go kart racing flags, he he he he he he heh ….

So first of all, I would like you to see this first flag and take it with all the seriousness in the world that it deserves —- the one and only green flag. This is green for GO, GO, GO, GO GO!!!! This, of course, as you might already well know, is your starting flag … and when you see it come up, that means it’s time to punch it and peddle to the metal! Push down on that accelerator, and don’t let anything stop you ( except for, of course, other flags that come up later, he he heh ) ….

Now, we have the yellow flag next, which is a caution flag, telling you of a warning up ahead or in the nearby zone. If there was an accident, a barrier collision, a stalled kart in the middle of the track, etc, this flag will come up to warn you ; watch for it, and proceed with some caution, ok? Next you have the red flag, which signals a total stop … just like a red stop sign at an intersection ( or even a red light at a traffic highway entrance, etc ) . This one’s self – explanatory, right? As soon as you see it, halt … don’t wait a few seconds to then hit the brakes. Stop right away.

A blue + orange flag, which is a bit more rare, is just a “passing” flag. It means let the other driver behind you or to your side pass you. Give them the right away as they may be pulling over due to a faulty kart or another safety concern. Black flags, the worst of all these, indicate infractions. In other words, a rule was broken. Perhaps there’s a violent driver in your midst or someone who violated the guidelines.