Sea-Doo Spark Impeller Removal

By Sea – Doo Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

An impeller on a jet ski serves many a good purpose ; it is invaluable and should not get allowed to get to the point of needing a costly repair, or even removal altogether. But if worse should come to worst, as some people like to say, then you must be prepared —- and heck, be prepared by first knowing what your impeller even is and does for you each time that you coast the waters ( as I should have told you, first off, as the first major point, when starting to write this page up, so please forgive me…. allow me to now back – track for a brief split of a second to explain what it is now )….

So the impeller on your Sea – Doo Spark, then, is what helps keep the water moving through and ultimately, the jet ski as well. If you look very carefully and slide under or take a few things apart ( resort to a pro to help you to do this properly, or look at some You Tube videos, whatever you may prefer to do to help you best ) , you will notice the impeller as that small, metal rotor piece that is surrounded by a set of blades. And yes, it is a part of your installed water pump, in case you came to that same conclusion after looking at it, of course…. your assessment was correct. It’s the part that both rotates and ‘ups’ your water pressure internally – externally to help the whole thing move along at your jet ski’s speed. The only difference, I would add, here, is that the impeller does what a boat propeller would do, on a larger boat, per say, except that it uses the jet ski’s own internal engine power in a larger sense…. and draws more from that, all in all. Yet it’s a very similar process, you will find.

Assuming you don’t have IBR, removing the impeller will be a whole heck of a lot easier ( otherwise look up how to remove the IBR first, he he he heh, and good luck with that part, my friend ) —- you first have to just find the bolt and nut that are securing the main bucket with the rod, just at the bottom of the jet ski. See where the venturi and bucket connect, by 2 more bolts? Remove those 2 bolts as well. Take off your steering linkage, too, to leave it fully disengaged ; then, take off another 2 bolts, this time by the inside of the trim ring and nozzle ( steering ) . Look closely at the nozzle supports by the venturi ; take out all 3 bolts per each support as well as the siphon tube and its 3 bolts. Pull out the venturi and then unscrew the bolt holding the impeller —- then pull that thing out. Job done!