SODI Sigma DD2 2022

One of the most popular sports in the world is kart racing. Thousands of riders try their hands every day on the track with a powerful kart. And trust me, it is fun.

However, pro players, or any player for that matter, will definitely look for a vehicle that matches their style, taste, speed, and advanced features. And in that case, if the kart is the new Sodi SIGMA DD2 2022, the rider probably got his dream kart.

The Sodi SIGMA DD2 2022 is one of the brand’s newest models. The kart doesn’t only have technical advancements, but the design has also been improved than before.

Let us know its features, pros, and cons in detail.

Sodi SIGMA DD2: An Overview

There are thousands of kart manufacturers in the world. But the crown of the most popular and trustworthy brand goes to Sodikart. The brand has been known to make wonderful karts since 1981. The France-based company does not only manufacture karts for adults, but they also have a beginner collection.

We are here talking about the SIGMA DD2 model. Starting from its engine to the design, brake system, and all other features, this kart won’t dissatisfy you. Why believe me when you can see for yourself? Let’s check the features here.


The Sodi SIGMA DD2 comes with one of the most powerful engines. The vehicle is equipped with Rotax 125 DD2 EVO engine. This engine provides a smooth, chainless, and painless driving experience.

The driving concept comes to us combined with a two-speed gearbox. You can operate it directly with shifts and paddles from the steering wheel. It provides a maximum torque of 22 Nm at 10,500 rpm.

The engine also has an electronically controlled exhaust valve to make the ride more comfortable. The intake silencer of the engine keeps the noise in control. Along with it, the engine also got you covered on the battery box, fuel pump (that is obvious), and radiator. This engine can give a maximum of 34 hp at 12,000 rpm, which is not bad for fifteen-year-old amateur drivers.

Brake system:

The Sodi SIGMA DD2 2022 has been equipped with a new and advanced brake system. The master cylinder brake makes the kart more effective while on the run. The brake pad calipers of the front, rear, left, and right are strategically added to make the kart even safer and easy to control. Also, the vehicle provides a Ø140mm brake disc that is appropriate for beginner riders or amateurs.

Mychron 5:

The AIM Mychron 5 is basically the display of the vehicle. Most of the premium karts of Sodikart have this feature in them. The Mychron 5 is a high-resolution display on which the rider can monitor the kart during the race. The display doesn’t only show the speed but also lap times, temperature, and so on. This feature is added for a better understanding of the race and also for an improvised control over the kart.

Steering tie rod:

This feature is more or less common in the popular models of Sodi. The steering tie rod is added for ease of driving and avoiding any kind of disruptions. This one can be paired with any of the Sodikart models. The tie rod basically helps the wheel to prevent choking when it reaches the stop. That means a smooth riding experience along with safety is given.





Rotax DD2 is one of the advanced engines for karts. The Sodi SIGMA is equipped with the EVO version of Rotax DD2. This engine provides a whole new level of driving with extra stopping power, gear changes, chainless driving, and many more.

Rotax DD2 is one of the most credible engines in the market for a kart. Many premium Sodikart brands come equipped with the DD2 engine because of its smooth performance. The maximum speed that this engine can support will be somewhat around 140 km per hour. However, track length and gear might differentiate the figure a little.

Well, a 200ccc kart might have different maximizations of speed depending upon the engine type. It might be a two-stroke engine, might be a four-stroke. The maximum speed of a two-stroke 200cc kart is around 120mph, and the four-stroke variant of the same would reach about 75 mph. Generally, something near 100 mph is considered fast for a kart. Hence, the two-stroke 200cc version is undoubtedly fast.


This model, Sodi SIGMA DD2 2022, is one of the newest additions to the stash of Sodikarts. It is one of those premium karts that the brand produces. The model is perfect for young teenage riders.

The design, color combination, and overall outlook of the vehicle are impressive. Along with it, the engine’s smooth performance, the safety measures of the hydraulic brake system, and extra control over the vehicle have compelled people to get their hands on it. However, if you can consider the build quality and legroom, this kart is obviously going to give you a jaw-dropping performance.