Buy Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

So you want to buy a go kart for yourself, eh, my friend? Or is it perhaps for a boy friend or for a girlfriend, for a husband or for a wife? Or is it for your kids or best friends to share with, maybe? Whatever the reason ( and I am not entitled to know it, ha hah, I’m just the guy writing up a simple blog piece here for you to read and be enlightened for a bit ) , it’s a special endeavor and I thank you for choosing to buy one or even think about one. I also thank you for reading right here. I am glad that you came to check this out and hopefully get some free nuggets of knowledge, as I like to call them, on the subject in front of us…. now, then, to buy a go kart or not to buy a go kart? Is that not the question? As you might have guessed before you read the first sentence here, I am well in favor of it!

Now, yes, some might present an argument or opposing reason, of which they might claim to list a million of these —- oh, the go karts are too expensive these days ; oh, there is just too many risks with the O2 they give off in the air ; oh, we do not have room in the house or in the garage to put a go kart in, etc etc etc. But excuses can be as long as the ocean in length, and really no measuring or telling where it all ends…. so with excuses. Be off with them! You ought to put them all aside and take a chance on something, and if you are not too sure this ‘go - thing’ is going to end up being your cup of tea in the long run, then simply do yourself this —- get a very cheap used one, and we’re talking like $60 - $70 ( based on some of the ones that I have seen, gone for sale, on eBay, on Craigslist, through used sellers on, etc ) . And how can you go wrong when testing the waters for yourself, so to speak? At the very worst, you will have only lost like $40 - $70 or whatever small sum you paid, and you can scrap the parts and get some of that money back / use your go kart as a prop or back - yard play toy for your kids ( to play pretend in, and make like they are actually driving around in a go kart, he he heh ) .

If you want to make the buy, then by all means, go for it. Just know that batteries will need to be bought from time to time. And it might need to be a bad idea to get some fuel changes in there as needed, as well as other maintenance.