Go Kart Tires Slicks

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

If you are looking at some go – kart racing slicks ( maybe it’s your first time, and your best buddy embarrassed you for not knowing what they were or how you would need them, he he he he heh ) , then check out what I have got to say. I am the “go - kart expert”, after all, ha hah. That is no joke, though. I’ve done my time behind the wheel and have done all the research in the world when comparing prices, types and models, latest brand updates and so much else. You can count on me to give you the right info every single time, guys. So let us get started with a great page that’s full of insight ….

The first thing on this page that I would like you to read is this next sentence ( and read it out – loud, if you can ) : YOU NEED TO CONSIDER THREAD STYLE, TIRE SIZE, BRAND, AND RIM SIZE WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GO – KART SLICKS. Got that? Need me to state it again ( it’s crucial ) ? I will : YOU NEED TO CONSIDER THREAD STYLE, TIRE SIZE, BRAND, AND RIM SIZE WHEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GO – KART SLICKS. Let that stick in your mind every time you go out and look at slicks, and with that, we continue forward ….. ( yes, I do have more to share, he he he he heh, and it’s coming right up ) ….

Now, then, the next thing that I would like to just point out is that BMI KARTS & PARTS sells a great smooth slick tire that you can buy off their web – site ( right here, in fact : 18 x 9.50-8 Smooth Slick Tire BMI Karts and Parts ) . I like them because they’re well – known in the go – kart industry and sell thousands of parts and even karts daily. They’ve been around for a while, too. They’re some of the best in this industry, no lie.

What I like about these specific tire slicks that I just mentioned is the plain and simple fact that they cost only $105.95 ( along with tax, of course ) for all that they offer, which, if you know anything about this industry, you’ll know that’s a deal when you see it. So act on it.

This slick tire measures at 18 x 9.50-8 for its totaled dimensions. It can cover plenty of ground and get plenty of tread, as well. It’s made to last.

If you can find another seller that sells it ( or are looking for one ) , then just ask for ST_165-370 as the official part number. Call BMI, too, if you have any further questions on putting in a special order for these slicks. Their number is 937.526.9544 ( or use the contact form here : Welcome to BMI Karts & Parts - ) .