Suzuki Cappuccino

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

If you are craving a good cappuccino right about now, friend, as you read into my page here, then I can’t help you with that…. I wish I could literally pop out of your PC screen and deliver a warm one into your hands, ha hah. But what I sure CAN do is tell you a bit about the Suzuki Cappuccino, which goes by that name. Shall I tell you? Why not? Stick around here…. Now then, the first thing here I will share is just this —- this is a small car but do not let that throw ya off or make you change your mind on buying. No, no, ‘excellence’ comes in all shapes and sizes, as some people like to say. And sometimes, bigger is NOT better. And in this case, I sure do like to think the very same. As a matter of fact, this little car is the little car that can, and is worth taking a look over.

I would like to tell you that it is a 2 – door one, so keeping things simple here. If it’s just you, or just you and a partner, living at home, then there is nothing better. No big families to worry about, kids spilling drinks on the back – seats of the 4 – door cars, and other scenarios here…. he heh, only easy and simple, with 2 – door elegance, is what you can get here. And the hard top is —- guess what? —- DETACHED EASILY. Yup, it is super detach – able and easy to take right off. Feeling sporty this evening, perhaps? Want to feel the wind ride through the top of your hair, or perhaps even stand up and do so, as you go at break – neck highway speeds ( assuming you are sitting next to the driver, who has his or her eyes on the road, and you are NOT the one who is driving, he he he eh he heh ehe heh ) ? This is the car for you both!

The first one of these came out in 1991, the last in 1998. So it got a good, 7 – year run. Some even say 7 is a good, lucky number. He heh. It lasted well its time, and some still see it around today. Not a bad car at all.

And the Suzuki Cappuccino comes in either automatic or manual, so you can pick how you like to drive. I am a bit lazy when driving, myself, so I go for automatic…. in this case, getting a 3 – speed. If you get the manual one, you’ll see it’s a 5 – speed. So not bad, eh? And check this out, while you are at it —- it’s got a nice, ‘light’ curb weight of 1,598 lbs. I’ve seen many heavier, so think on that. Pick your battles, he he heh.

All in all, you ought to give the Suzuki Cappuccino a try.