How To Make A Go Kart Street Legal

In some places, go karts are not street legal ( or at the very least, not on certain streets, highway roads, etc ) : Now this can be good or bad, but your timing will be everything. And by timing, I do mean the amount of time that it takes you to go through the LSV registration process, the diligence you give to providing parts and an overall go kart that meet all legal standards, and your time in waiting for all this to come together. If you really want to ride on the streets soon, then you will give more diligence to getting your paperwork, parts and all else in order right this very minute …. and kudos to you for being on top of it.

Now the first thing that you need to keep in mind here, on a totally different note, is that the words ‘street legal’ can mean different things in different states or even countries. For instance, some cities, states, counties ( and yes, even regions or countries, respectively ) simply due not allow go karts on the public or private roads, highways or anywhere else. For those, you don’t have much of a chance. But many of them do, as long as you register your go kart, as I mentioned, under the LSV generic labeling …. and LSV just means it’s a LOW SPEED VEHICLE. And even so, you must have all wipers and wiper blades ( if the go kart includes them ) , mirrors, tires, steering wheel parts, brakes and pedal in working order and passing emissions as well. All updates to the vehicle must remain in full compliance, and they may check you from time to time to ensure that you are still up to date ( failure to comply during a check can mean you will not be able to use the vehicle publicly or could even have it impounded right then and there, depending on the severity of the laws of prosecution wherever you reside ) .

So to make a go kart street legal, make sure you do all these things. Then take the vehicle to your local motor vehicle center ( government or state / county one is fine ) and be prepared to pay all registration fees. Keep your driver’s license current as well. That’s a must. And they will more than likely list a few providers nearby that can give you an emissions test…. you must pass it or re – test.