Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler

Check it out! Have you ever looked up the Honda ATC 250R 3 Wheeler anywhere online and wanted to find out more about it, perhaps recently, even? If you have, at any time, then this piece you are about to read will help you find out more… forward, friend!

Features, specs, benefits of buying

First of all, the Honda ATC 250R 3 Wheeler is one of Honda’s best high performers, an ATC many call one of its kind. It’s got a 2-stroke, 1-cylinder engine that’s even water-cooled, in some models. But not only that, it also carries a bore & stroke of 66 x 72 mm as well as a 264-248 displacement, once again depending on the model release chosen. It varies whether you got one released in 1981-1984 or 1985 and the year following…..

You’ll likewise find a strong compression ratio of 8.0 to 1, respectively, not to mention a foam air filtration and a fuel & oil mixture for greater lubrication. The cylinder bore measures 66.020 - 66.040, and the piston clearance stands at 0.060 - 0.080, with a piston diameter of 65.94 - 65.96 mm. The piston pin bore sits from 18.007 - 18.013 mm, its outer diameter within a range of 17.994 - 18.000 mm. Note that the pin clearance, from piston to piston, accounts for .007 - .019 mm, and there are two piston rings for each piston compression.

Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler Marketing on a Mass Scale

Even though more than 30 years have now gone by since the last model release of this lineup came out, it looks like people are still talking about the Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler for what it did for them back in the day, and what it still does for its current owners; few people have one and still use it. Most who own a model simply keep it tucked away as an invaluable collector’s item of respect and appreciation for the age it was released in — the 80’s were a good time to be alive, especially around the release of this auto product as you can tell.

Its marketing was hugely unprecedented and unrivaled, something that hit the news stands, TV outlets, word of mouth, and so much more. And remember: There was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube back then. Social media and its platforms were not even a thought.

Today, the product, though discontinued in full, still hits many YouTube videos and fan collector’s Facebook pages alike, for instance; one may see countless modern pictures and poses around the Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler, reminding them of what the glorious Honda 80’s biker culture once meant to them. It’s impressive to see how much hype can continue to surround one product, even decades after its inception — this one truly made a lasting impact that few can. And that’s a fact.

Some other considerations

The ring end gap on this product is that of .20 - .40 mm, bearing a ring side clearance of .045 - .075 mm. The connecting rod here is 21.997 - 22.009 mm when assessed in terms of sm end inner diameter. And over the years, many have come to more fully appreciate its manual clutch and its six speed gear transmission. The Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler, however, has been discontinued as of 1986. And as you may have already guessed, it was the last model ever released.

Here’s some more history on this one: Did you know that it was originally intended and designed for off-road racing? That’s no lie — this 80’s bad boy can take to the dirt roads and already has. Many have used it for that very purpose!

Also, the 2-stroke engine within it contains a power valve unique of its own, one that can raise or lower the product’s exhaust port so as to make for a much broader power band, all in all — how cool is that? But it gets even better. Add to that some inverted fork fronts that are both firm and visually appealing, not to mention an aluminum frame of greatest durability and resistance, and you’ve got a product that sells — or should I say sold…..but you get the point.

Many fans were disappointed when the announced 1987 model never got to be released, which had promised to offer numerous updates in the form of white plastic add-ons, keyed ignition (a rumor only) and even an entirely restructured, redesigned logo that would “kick but”. It’s been speculated that no one has yet seen the full version release of what this 1987 model would have looked like though many claim to have found parts used for the initial release. Many continue to hope that some more will show up one day…..

Last thoughts?

Fans of the Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler, curious skeptics of it, and everyone in between — you’ve wanted to know a bit more about this unique product, and this has been your chance to whet your appetite a little. But you can always explore further by looking up product reviews and photos of it online; indeed, the Internet is a beautiful place in which the secrets and treasures of the whole universe are laid bare for all to witness, so if you have an online connection, do take advantage of it. Search this product to your heart’s content, perhaps even deciding for yourself which of the six models you liked best in this lineup.

For me, of course, it truly was the Honda ATC 250R 3-Wheeler, the last one to ever hit the sales floor — or for now, at least, as some still hope. Hope is good. It keeps us expectant of better and greater things, such as long-anticipated releases of future products that were never given. But one can still hope, can he not? He can.

I hope and pray that the memory of this single-cylinder, round-slide carburetor gem of an ATC will live on —- as it has thus far. Heck, why not? It’s still remembered after three decades, so that’s a start.