Will My Insurance Go Up If I Claim For A Windshield?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

It is a well – known fact that wind – shield claims ( at least in the US, can’t say for the rules abroad, he he he heh heh ) do affect your insurance costs and premiums in just about all 50 states ( and also in Alaska and Hawaii, can’t forget these two regions … which are also considered the “unofficial yet official” parts of the US and its outer regions, he he he he heh ) . The rate increase, however, does not tend to be huge … since wind – shields are often only one part of the whole bigger picture. There is so much else that gets accounted for here, by the policy under – writers and experts handling your claim. If you want to know just a bit further about how all this works ( so you can stop panting and sweating like a hot pig in the sun, he he he he heh … just kidding ) , and to help you better relax ( and prepare, too ) , then just read on ahead to what I’ve got for ya’ this time. Efrain promises to make this an enjoyable read, just like all the others. Stick around and learn, guys!

Now first of all, I would like for you to assess the amount of damage that your ( or the other driver’s ) wind – shield has taken from the recent collision. More than that, I would like you to determine and decide whether or not the insurance company you work with ( as well as that of the other driver’s ) has concluded you to be full at fault, partially at fault, or not at all at fault. This is huge because, as you can imagine, whatever both parties’ agencies conclude will affect your rates going up ( and even how much they can go up, too ) . You may even have some roll – over, out – of – pocket expenses to account for, when all is said and done … even after the claims adjusters have had their hand in it, and done all they could.

But without insurance of any kind, just keep in mind you can pay $200 to $400 as a starting range ( for you to replace your own wind – shield, not accounting for extra labor costs ) . Keep in mind, though, that if you do NOT have wind – shield coverage on your insurance plan, but are found to be NOT at fault ( at all ) in the incident, then you can claim coverage through the other driver’s insurance ( and they’ll pay for it ), which is nice. YOUR insurance will not go up. Why? Simple : You were not at fault, and if you find your rates take a minimum spike since the incident, then what you can do is dispute the rate hike and discuss the claim further with your rep.