How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome Expert)

I want to fill you with joy and happiness, more than anything today. And how can I do so? Well, I can offer the best and most honest reply to this query of yours, this time around. You searched the web somewhere for : “How long does it take to replace a wind - shield?” , I’m sure, and now, my answer is what will make your day …. are you ready for it? Here it goes ….

Be ready to get happy, and to start jumping. Running around and all, you will be. My answer may even shock you in a positive way.

And the answer is this : it takes 30 min to an hour, in most cases … tops. Yup. It really is that fast, and the auto – glass experts in charge know how to do it in the most efficient, convenient ways possible ( they have been trained to, as such …. no lie ) . They know how to carefully tap and check the current wind – shield, how to loosen it properly and from which angle to even approach it at, where to lift from, how to pull accordingly, and how to clean up any possible residue remaining from having taken off the original wind – shield from its place.

Conversely, they also know how to then properly measure and install the space where the old wind – shield was, as well as how to then carefully put in the new one and make sure it is a perfect, snug, secure fit, at the end of the day. It is their business and their craft, after all, so count on them to get it done well ( and don’t try to yourself, unless you really know much about this business, as well, and have every single tool and part you need for the replacement ) . Now when it comes down to the matter of driving the vehicle after the wind – shield has been replaced, experts will always suggest that you ought to at least wait a full hour after it’s been put on.

This is just a safety measure as well. And in any case, if the new fitting happens to be anything loose, it will supposedly fall off within this time – frame, and you will not be at fault. The pros will simply, in most cases, check what went wrong and proceed to put on another one in its place ( hopefully, this time, more accurately and carefully, he he he he heh ) .

There are some cases when it can take longer to TRY to replace the wind – shield, but these are rare. Usually, experts have all the training and tools ( and combined man – power ) to get it all done fast. And that’s convenient to know, right? Thank God we are living in the modern age, as I always say … it is the “micro - wave age” …