Can You Run an Inboard Boat Motor Out of Water?

Author : Efrain Silva

There are some vital things to give some real thought and concern to before trying this out, especially if it is your first try. If you are trying to do this without any coolant at all, then the best piece of advice that I can give you is that you should not do so for very long ; in fact, what most experts say, in this specific scenario, is to not go past the 15 - 20 second marker. Yup, 20 seconds, tops. But avoid at all costs.

Can You Run an Inboard Boat Motor Out of Water?

Now, to further add to this, there is a major risk that the neoprene impeller will be damaged and badly, should you choose to do this without any kind of coolant. The best idea, then, it seems, is to get the coolant in. With the coolant in there, and a good, healthy water pump that you have checked out, you can expect to run this inboard motor for up to a good 5 minutes out of water ; 3 to 5, ideally. Your sea strainer has a hose, in most cases, that you can just pull right off. Your garden hose can fit right in that spot, which is where you can add the water and have it running on.

Make sure to account for the prop that is under your boat, a detail some people in the past have forgotten about, but very, very important. When the reverse gears on the boat happen to be in neutral, in some cases, they can drag ; what happens then is a whole new problem you have just allowed to be started —- the underwater prop, in this case, is now spinning. This can also occur if you accidentally put things in that gear as well. So by all means, keep a close eye on every one of your steps and actions, while in the process, to avoid any mistakes or inconveniences that will cost you more work (not to mention more time and hassle).

This can be a HUGE safety hazard in so many ways as pets have been known to sneak right under there, in rare cases, without being spotted. The spinning props have killed them, in worst case scenarios. The same has also happened with children, so with that said, keep an eye not only on yourself and what you are doing but also on who else may be nearby when you are engaging in this process.

If you agree that having a manifold handy is also a good idea (and different people feel differently on this, based on their needs), you can get a nice 5 - gallon bucket. It can feed itself right into the cooling system. Let the hose run at full speed and blast until it is time to refill that bucket and allow it to catch up. I hope all of this has been helpful info., especially in letting you know that, first of all, you can run your inboard boat motor out of water. We hope you’ll take time to subscribe!