How Do You Change A Scupper Valve On A Boat?

Author : Efrain E. Silva

So I’ve talked about the scupper valve, our helpful little paddling friend, just a bit. But I’ve not talked about how to change one out. Do you want to know some facts on this whole deal? I’m sure you do. So read away!

First of all, the first thing that I wanted to share with you, with much joy and excitement, is that you can get a scupper valve at very low price ( if you read my other blog on this, please forgive me for mentioning it again but it is so important that people know this and tell their friends — who knows if more will invest in proper paddling gear? ) of only like $4 or less. Get as many as you can fill your garage with, if you are a true boating sort of guy / gal. Get as many as you want. Now with that in mind, do not let the price be an issue in keeping you from getting a new scupper valve that you can put on your boat in place of your old, rigidity one. It’s time to swap out, or as I like to say, it’s swap - out time!

Now let us be right to assume that you want to install a one - way scupper valve. I’m going to assume that is the case as it many times is. And it is all I have run into, in that sense. So the first thing’s first — start out in taking apart the original assembly on that scupper and valve. Use a good sort of marine - grade sealant to instead fill those screw - mounting holes from where the original was at. Get the base - mounting plate ready, and when I say, “go”, you are going to then put it right on that scupper hole and screw things in. Go!

Next, you are going to need to use a sort of twisting plus locking motion, as they call it, to then secure the full base with the scupper bowl. You have now installed. So what else might you want to know here, on this? Well, in case you did not, did you know that most times, when you buy a scupper valve with its assembly kit, you also get some nice little lock screws included in there? It’s very convenient, to say no more, and helps in case you do not have any screws of your own when swapping out the valve DIY. Any little bit helps, am I right? So if you can, put the money in and get a full kit, including all you need to replace those scupper valves and other parts whenever you need to.

Now get ready for some pretty smooth paddle sailing on those waters —- it’s going to be a great day, you’re going to get some great sunshine and exercise paddling, and too much water coming into your paddle boat will now be a thing of the past. Go out there and seize the day, friend!