Delorean Top Speed

By: Your One and Only Online Auto Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Answer: 110 - Keep reading for details.

Have you ever watched those old classic movies of Back to the Future, in which this amazing car is displayed? And heck, in many scenes, it even steals the whole show! Ha ha. With its boisterous thunder sounds and fast inner built – in system, in these 3 movies, this car can disappear in seconds… and literally fly through the dimensions of time and transport itself to a whole nother era. Be it past, present, or future. Very cool, right? If only it could do so in real life, as well… now, that would be a treat. But in that case, the car would practically be so expensive that only the richest of the rich could pay for it, he he he heh heh.

Now, the DeLorean…. heck of a name, heck of a car. Remembered for those 80s movies and its role in them. And of course, I am sure that you are wondering just how fast it can really go when you do decide to rev things up to the max. Well, to answer that, we are looking at a full one hundred and ten miles per hour. Yip.

And I like to say yip a lot. He heh. But anyways, this bad boy engine and car, all in all, can hit that 110 pretty fast, actually, given that you have plenty of room to kick up that speed and not need to make any tight maneuvers…. find a huge parking lot, an abandoned airport strip that goes on for miles and miles, an old and unused speed – way for karting, or heck, just about anything else you can think of. And have at it. “You made it out of a DeLorean????” as I remember Marty McFly used to say, in those movies ( if you have not seen the movies for yourself, and the DeLorean in them, then it may all be before your time…. still, this car and the movies it’s been in are no less than classic…. so in all cases, at the very least, google it and you will see more, he he he he heh…. google never fails ) .

If you want to get up to 60 miles per hour, almost half of that max speed, then here is what you need to do…. punch it! And you will be there in about 9 – 11 seconds, I promise you ( given the engine is healthy and all, of course, not to mention the car and its parts are working as they should be doing ) . Keep in mind that the curb weight of this type of car is nearly 3,000 pounds, in case you like to factor in things like that, as well…. just as I do, technical perfectionist nerd that I am, he he he he heh. You want a 3 – speed automatic or a 5 – speed manual if you’re going to get a DeLorean. Remember that.