Go Kart Safety Flag

You may have seen a safety flag before in your many experiences on the go kart race track but not been entirely sure what it meant. Or perhaps you had some brief semblance of a clue but needed to be 100 % certain ; well, let me tell ya …. you came to the best blog page on that topic, and I as always, am here to help ya. So stick around with me. I am going to show you some things on the go kart safety flag (s) you may see and why it is important to consider at all. Let’s get started with this ….

My first point —- like with driving, your green flag means go, and your red flag means stop ( and yes, even your yellow flag means decrease speed and proceed with caution ) . So if you had guessed this to be the case, then you were right. All those years of vehicle driving ( and even Mario Kart play time, he he he he heh ) sure did pay off …. the safety flag, in all three of these cases, does really mean the same thing. So you got that right…. good job. Reward yourself with a snack, and then come back to this page to read what I have to share next.

You might have seen the safety flag of blue mixed in with orange and wondered “What in the heck does that flag even mean? They do NOT have this flag on normal streets and intersections”, right? Well, not to worry …. this is simply a “passing by” safety flag that, when, you MUST give the right of way to a certain driver who needs to pass you by. This could be because their brakes are not working properly, their go kart needs more power charging, or for any other safety concern, they need to pass you ( to more than likely get off the track ) . Let them pass.

How about that black safety flag? This one you will only see what a rule has been infracted… ouch. This is typically issued to careless drivers who are bumping into the side walls, into other drivers, or breaking other rules. If the attendant or marshall of the race track gives you this flag, or flashes it directly at you, then you must stop your reckless behavior or whatever you are doing. In some cases, they may even ask you to pull over ( how embarrassing, right? ) .