Razer Go Kart

By go kart Expert Author : Efrain E. Silva

Razor.com is my little fun zone or secret sweet spot, every now and then, when it comes to looking through some competitive or fun go kart. They make go karts both for the serious and for the not - so - serious, he he he heh. It depends on if you are in the mood for a hard race or would rather just coast by for a little bit, in the mountains somewhere, and forget all about life’s problems…. which, by the way, I did get to do this last weekend and it was so much fun. I highly suggest it if you need to get away. Now then, on to the topic —- I would like to, first of all, tell you just how much fun that I got to have with my life partner ( which I call my wife, in other words, or my soul - mate…. she likes that term of endearment just a little bit better than the other one, he he he heh… women are something else, but we love ‘em ) in our Razor go karts which we rented out the other day. She was in one, and I was in one. And then at some point, we came together and rode one together, he heh. The romance was a true bliss like nothing else I had felt with her in awhile. Thanks, Razor go karts, for the experience of our life - time!

We rented the Ground Force Drifter that day ( know which one it is? This one right here, guys —- Ground Force Drifter - Razor ).

And like I said, it was a bliss of a bliss of a bliss! Time of our lives. Time of our lives. Would not change it out for anything else, and what we both agreed on about this Razor go kart, as a matter of fact ( and if you know us really well, you will know that we usually agree to dis - agree on ….. just ….. about ….. everything. ) , was that it’s got a swell thumb - trigger control that really helps us maneuver and stay on top of the game, all the way through ( and when we happened to be racing each other, later in the day, this really helped with cutting through corners quickly and ‘butting’ each other, he heh he heh… she was barely a few feet ahead of me, in the end, though, and won the race…. yes, I got beat by a girl, ha hah hah ) .…..

The drifter is small so you may feel like a giant when you are riding on top of it. And there is not too much wiggle room, either, so to speak. So you make whatever space you can and try to stay cozy, he he heh. Keep in mind that it’s a single - rider kart as the one we rode on TOGETHER was actually a different one made by that brand. I can’t recall its exact name.